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“We’re all in this together”


Christine Korb, MM, MT-BC, Director of Music Therapy at Pacific University, has made a significant contribution in the world of music and music therapy. In addition to many years of clinical experience, she has experience as a composer, author, researcher, book reviewer, and presenter. She has presented at various American Music Therapy Association Conferences, the 2002 World Federation of Music Therapy Conference in Oxford, the Healing Symposium of the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival in 2004, and the World Federation of Music Therapy Conference in Buenos Aires in 2008. She has been a frequent book reviewer for the Arts in Psychotherapy journal.


Many musicians, music students, and general music lovers are curious about the field of music therapy—the who, what, where, and how. This book provides a general overview of the profession, and it includes 26 audition essays, written by former students, confirming their motivation to “do good in the world through music.” A career in music therapy combines their love of music with the desire to be of service to others.

Merry Christmas Day

Collaboration with the madrigal Singers of Mount Mary College in production of original Christmas song" Merry Christmas Day", studio production March, 1994.


Published composer of choral work, "Namaste," Shawnee Press (now Hal Leonard via J.W. Pepper) 1988.

Let’s Do It

An easy listening, cool jazz piece featuring piano and flute.

Wedding Song: We Celebrate You!


“Very informative in an easy reading book”

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I love that it is all essays from music therapy students and graduates. It's really interesting at what drew them into the profession and helps you see if it's something you feel as well. There's also a section that talks about what types of facilities, etc use music therapists, which helps you establish goals and internship opportunities. We bought this for our daughter who is going to study this and hopefully go into music therapy as a career. It's very easy to read and the type of book where you can read a few pages, put it down and come back to it a week later without feeling lost!.


“An Inspiring Read”

I got this book just before a cross-country flight and used the hours on the plane to read it. This is not a technical book by any means, but an enjoyable read from cover to cover that shortened my flight considerably! I'm a professional musician considering music therapy not as a career change, but a career enhancement. Reading the stories of others who made this journey to completions spurred me on to dig a bit deeper in the profession. It was very inspiring as I continue on this journey of investigation.


“Take this book to heart!”

I've not been a student for a very long time and read Chris Korb's book just to see how it's observations compared with my personal experience as someone who occasionally entertains residents of eldercare facilities. Everything I've seen, and been astonished by, happens over and over again as the wonder of music helps lift people out of depression, restores (at least for a while) memory and memories and brings joy to people who are often very lonely, sad and confused. I don't play guitar or piano but do sing and join with a local jazz duo to visit and entertain these beautiful elderly people. When we begin to sing they come alive! They sing along as words come back to them to songs they've got tucked away inside. Those of you who are considering making careers in music therapy will be doing terrific, meaningful work. Go for it!

Haideh Jordan

“A quick, informative, and enjoyable read.”

The author has done a wonderful job combining factual information about the field of music therapy with personal essays written by former students. Both aspects of the book are enlightening.

The factual information helps educate the reader about this very broad field, while the essays give the reader a view into the hearts of music therapists - hearts that are kind, compassionate, selfless, and hopeful, as they seek ways to use music in clinical settings in order to bring health, wellness, and joy to those they serve.


“Considering a career in Music Therapy.....”

This is a must read book for parents and students considering a career in Music Therapy, or those in the music teaching or performance fields who feel like something is missing in their professional life. In providing essays from students who subsequently become music therapists, the author allows one the opportunity to learn what motivates one to enter this field. One quickly realizes the common thread amongst the students, they are passionate about music, and they want to give back to society. The author gives a realistic overview of the education required to become a Music Therapist, the types of jobs available, and the future of the career. This allows one to decide as to whether this is truly the career they should pursue. The book should be in every High School's career library. I would love to see a second book that discusses what makes a successful Music Therapist, and their successes and failures in the treating of patients.


“Wonderful Book!!!”

What a wonderful read! Thank you Christine Korb for elucidating the beautiful and vital nature of music and music therapy! I Imagine how much better off we as a society would be if music therapy were wholly integrated into the chaos of modern life. One of my take-aways from this book is how profoundly giving a career in this profession surely is! Cheers!

Michael McMahon

“Clear, concise, and brilliant!”

Christine Korb is a brilliant teacher, her love for this therapeutic process shines through her writing and her clarity makes it a facinating read whether you are interested in becoming a therapist or are just interested in what music therapy is.


“How important the power of music is in our life.”

Very informative and interesting book about the power of music to heal, calm, make you want to dance or sing and more.

S Brannon

“Lots of potential benefits!”

I am enjoying this book. The potential health, wellness, and joy from music therapy is still largely untapped, awaiting discovery and application from deeper than the tip of the musical iceberg.

Miriam De Nazareto

“A wonderful, very insightful look into this relatively new form of therapy.”

Emily Jane-Hills Orford (Readers' Favorite)

“Give that there's nothing Korb leaves off the table, I'd be confident in recommending this as the go-to guide for anyone with an interest in music therapy.”

Asher Syed (Readers' Favorite)

“I highly recommend this amazingly well-written and thoroughly researched book to everyone looking to add a spin to the music world.”

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